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20% of the sales team Quits Vodafone Idea

20% of the sales team Quits Vodafone Idea

More than one-fifth of the sales members of the newly collaborated Vodafone Idea exits the company. According to the reports the companies after losing subscribers and facing financial issues many of the employees have departed from it. It faced about 38.1 million subscriber losses till October and 245.62 million at the end of October.

Now the company is currently hiring about 986 employees on LinkedIn to replace this left worker. It is currently looking for workers for the role of sales executives, field executives, mass distribution, retail stores, and managerial posts across different locations.

“At Vodafone Idea, 95% of the roles that were projected are filled, which is a very healthy level. Our attrition rate is lower than some of our peers while yet being consistent with the market and sector trends” said the company’s spokesperson.

He further added, “In order to develop our staff and take the next path of expansion in the digital era, we have gained outstanding talent over the course from rival companies and other different sources.”

However, a continuous downfall of around 35% can be seen in the last four years of the company. While for growing again and increasing its customers the company is providing a 1-month free 5G network on porting to Vi 5G.


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