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Accenture and Persistent Systems to end WFH & resume WFO

Accenture and Persistent Systems to end WFH & resume WFO

Since Covid-19 has taken the edge off, organizations are returning to conventional working patterns. Firms like Persistent Systems and Accenture have taken the initiative to open small offices in cities where they already have larger setups. This strategic decision is to curb the resistance of employees towards work-from-office and to make things easier for them.

In cities like Bengaluru, commutation time during peak office hours is also a challenge and therefore employees are hesitant to return to their offices. The company is asking employees to work from the nearest centers to their homes and balance their priorities.

Persistent Systems also opens smaller offices to lure its employees back to office culture. The firm already has big facilities in various cities but to make it convenient for employees and reduce their travel time, Persistent Systems opens small offices in Pune and Bengaluru accommodating 200 employees.

This step is a remedy to reduce the reluctance of employees to join their offices back in big cities as the commutation hampers the work-life balance of employees.


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