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Air India To Offer Salary Hike Across The Board

Air India To Offer Salary Hike Across The Board

As carriers in India ramp up operations and get on with growth plans, airline workers, particularly pilots and cabin crew, are in greater demand. Last year, several airline employees switched companies as many carriers offered better salaries in a post-COVID environment. With Air India hoping to expand significantly, it needs all the talent across departments to support the growth. And the latest reports suggest it is ready to increase the salaries of its employees.

Air India could reportedly announce a salary hike across various departments as the competition among airlines to hire the best industry talent heats up. According to a report by Mint, the plan will first start with pilots and could give them an increment of around 8-10% and bring them to par with global standards. It quotes a person familiar with the matter as saying,

“The first round of hikes may be over the next couple of months. Pilots will be the first to get hikes. Salary corrections will also take place for the cabin crew and other officers.”

An Air India executive says that the primary reason behind this is a pilot shortage which is “causing a rethink in airlines’ strategies.” Carriers need to consider the salary structure if they want to prevent skilled employees from leaving for other airlines.

The poaching threat comes not just from within India but also from overseas, particularly from Middle East carriers who often offer better salary packages than what Indian airlines have traditionally given. But post-COVID and with Air India’s privatization, much has changed. Mint quotes the Air India executive as saying,

“The hike has been planned to assure the pilots of the vision of the Tata Group for Air India. It is expected to help pilots have confidence in the group at a time when other airlines are hiring.”


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