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Amazon is laying off employees in its music streaming division

Amazon is laying off employees in its music streaming division.

Amazon.com is currently laying off employees in its music division. This means that some team members will be let go from its audio streaming platform and digital music store. This is part of the retail giant’s cost-cutting measures across the company. Although the exact number of positions being eliminated is unknown, notices have reportedly been sent to employees in Latin America, North America, and Europe.

Amazon Music also includes podcasts and provides unlimited music streaming services for a fee that was recently increased to $10.99. The company is examining its needs and prioritising the needs and expectations of its customers, with a focus on long-term stability. While this will necessitate a reduction in the size of the Amazon Music team, investments in the division will continue with a focus on high-demand products and services.

Several communication roles were eliminated in the music division in October.

Will Amazon’s focus now shift to Prime Video? Many people are asking themselves this question.

Amazon.com has laid off approximately 27,000 employees in the last year.

It is worth noting that Amazon’s net income in the third quarter exceeded expectations. It anticipates that revenue for the fourth quarter will be as expected, as this is the season for holiday shopping.


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