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Amazon’s ‘Amazon Q’ will bring AI to the workplace

Amazon's 'Amazon Q' will bring AI to the workplace

Amazon Q, its proprietary AI-driven digital assistant designed for businesses, has been unveiled to provide a more complete picture of AI integration in the workplace. It will be available only to employees who choose to use this AI-powered assistant, and it will be the company’s first AI assistant.

Q’s primary goal is to help employees understand and use Amazon Web Services (AWS). It will participate in conversations on communication platforms like Slack and text-editing apps, as well as be seamlessly integrated into AWS’ online management console.

Furthermore, the chatbot is intended to improve efficiency by streamlining tasks, expediting decision-making processes, and encouraging workplace creativity and innovation. However, the chatbot will not be available to everyone.

Amazon Q is described on its website as an exceptionally intelligent assistant that quickly provides users with necessary information, resolves issues, generates content, and aids in decision-making. This AI chatbot provides immediate assistance by accessing a company’s data and knowledge.

In discussing its benefits for businesses, Amazon emphasised that companies can tailor Q to their specific needs by connecting it to company data, information, and systems via over 40 pre-built connectors. Marketers, project and programme managers, and sales representatives, for example, can have personalised conversations, address issues, create content, take specific actions, and more.

Users will be able to ask the chatbot detailed, nuanced questions and receive personalised responses containing only the information they are authorised to see.

Q is currently in the preview stage, and certain features are available for free for the time being. After the preview period ends, two pricing tiers will be implemented: $20 per person per month for business users and $25 per person per month for developers and IT professionals.


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