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Biz2Credit offers its employees BMW bikes, iPad Air, 40X bonus

Biz2Credit offers its employees BMW bikes, iPad Air, 40X bonus

Biz2Credit decided to reward the best performers in its workforce.

The company has introduced new HR policies to reward and cherish employee’s contribution in the organisation. In recognition of the professionalism, client-centricity, work ethic and perseverance the company has come up with 3 categories to reward People Manager, Hi-Flier Team and 5 Individual best performers of the year.

In addition to cash prizes, the top performers will also get a bike of their choice.

The company also pre-announced Diwali Gifts where all the employees will get an opportunity to choose between stellar packages like Apple iWatch Bundle, Cycling Health Package, Gold coins and the likes.

Mr. Rohit Arora, CEO, Biz2Credit & Biz2X, said, “The previous year was ground breaking and our biggest asset is our employees. With this small gesture of appreciation, we hope to encourage, engage, value, and empower our staff members so they may contribute their best work to meaningful careers. Despite the global headwinds, the company has seen great growth momentum. In the next 10 to 12 months, we are prepared for an even greater leap, both domestically and internationally. “

Anupama Garg, Senior Vice President and Head HR (India) said, “It is extremely evident from the company’s ethos that we are a very performance-driven business, we value and celebrate meritocracy, and we can and will always be able to reward and recognise those that perform well. In addition, we think it’s important to support those who aren’t capable of performing at that level. Additionally, thanks to the fortitude and tenacity of our team, we have seen a strong rise in overall growth. We always take time to acknowledge and appreciate the commitment, effort, and accomplishments of our employees as part of our “people first” policy.”


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