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This boss expects his employees to ‘sign in and out’ for toilet breaks.

This boss expects his employees to 'sign in and out' for toilet breaks.

An employee shared on Reddit that his boss has asked employees to record their toilet breaks. This has been established as a mandatory mandate that all employees must adhere to.

The user stated that even after expressing his opposition to the policy, he allegedly received a job termination ultimatum from his boss. He is now considering leaving the company after 18 years of service.

His new boss, according to his post, is extremely strict about tracking everyone’s whereabouts. “I’m almost 40 years old, and I’m not about to walk over to his cubicle, slide my dot to the left and signal I’m going to the toilet,” he explained.

The said employee received a warning note from his supervisors saying that his refusal to comply with instructions will be interpreted as ‘insubordination’ or failure to obey orders. He states that he’s considering resigning from his post but is confused as the job offers many favourable perks.

The post has received over 22,000 upvotes and a multitude of comments from fellow Redditors. These comments predominantly criticised the boss and proposed strategies to counteract the rule.

One Redditor suggested that he not leave the job because it would benefit the company to replace him with someone on a lower salary and possibly fewer vacation days. Some Redditors claimed that this policy violates legal standards because, while such policies may be acceptable for lunch breaks, they are not for toilet breaks.