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CARS24 intends to hire 100 tech experts this quarter

CARS24 intends to hire 100 tech experts this quarter

CARS24, an Indian pre-owned car company, is undergoing a significant technological transformation. In a strategic move to improve customer experience, the company plans to add approximately 100 tech experts to its technology team. These experts will concentrate on R&D, data science, engineering, and product development.

By developing a comprehensive car-ownership platform, the company is making a significant move to reshape the used car market. It is attracting top technology leaders who share their vision and is recruiting tech experts to drive innovation. CARS24, which has a presence in several countries, has been working on auto-tech innovation.

New hires will play an important role in product development and innovation, ensuring seamless solutions and system adaptability. CARS24 is actively seeking experts at all levels for its offices in Gurugram and Bangalore. The goal is to drive innovation while meeting changing customer demands.

“Our upcoming hiring initiative is a critical step in our quest for technological excellence,” said Marut Singh, CARS24’s chief technology officer. Our new tech experts will be at the forefront of our transformation, just as the finest cars are meticulously engineered for a smooth ride. They will take the lead in developing a unified product, identifying seamless solutions, and driving revolutionary innovations. We’re excited about our next phase of growth, and we’re committed to bringing about change and setting new industry standards in the future.”

The company recently appointed Sami Alam and Shohit Shrivastava to leadership positions and established a research and development centre in Bengalore.


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