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CEO of a tech company leaves amid allegations of sexual assault

CEO of a tech company leaves amid allegations of sexual assault

A woman employee has accused the CEO of CD Disco, a technology company, of sexual assault and acting inappropriately towards her. He has resigned from his position in response. The incident, which took place on September 6, 2023, during a team dinner, was covered by The Wall Street Journal.

The 39-year-old Harvard prodigy Kiwi Camara made headlines earlier this year after receiving a pay package that was greater than that of Apple CEO Tim Cook. According to Fortune, he received $110 million in total compensation. This windfall consisted of a $500,000 salary and $109 million in stock options that were subject to achievement of specific goals by 2032 or adjustments in the leadership.

The stock price of CS Disco increased significantly by more than 10% after Camara’s resignation.

In addition to allegedly assaulting the employee, Camara is accused of forcing a piece of roasted meat into her face and telling her to eat it in an impolite way.

It appeared that the purpose of this gathering, which took place in a professional setting, had changed. They reportedly created an uncomfortable atmosphere, especially for the female employees present, instead of focusing on work-related issues. The consistency of Camara’s behaviour raised concerns about his professionalism and his capacity to uphold appropriate boundaries at work.

Employees at CS Disco may have had legitimate concerns about the working environment and Camara’s behaviour if formal complaints were made to the human resources division. Understanding the most recent allegations and Camara’s subsequent resignation from his role as CEO requires understanding these earlier complaints, which provide crucial context.