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Cisco fires employees across business units

Cisco fires employees across business units

Leading technology company Cisco has formally announced the layoff of thousands of its employees in a significant workforce restructuring move. The choice is a component of its ongoing effort to optimize business performance and streamline operations.

The restructuring plan that the company announced in November 2022 includes these layoffs. These layoffs are a part of the 4,100 job cuts the company previously announced, the company has confirmed. About 5% of the workforce will be impacted by the restructuring, which includes adjustments to the company’s real estate portfolio and aims to rebalance the organization.

Cisco remains committed to helping impacted employees find new opportunities within the company despite the layoffs. To help those impacted by the workforce reduction, it is providing generous severance packages.

During the first fiscal quarter of 2023, Cisco announced plans to fire 4,000 employees or about 5% of its workforce. Scott Herren, the chief financial officer of the company, referred to the action as a “rebalancing” effort during the earnings call, highlighting that it is not only a cost-saving measure but also a strategic move to reallocate resources.

Cisco plans to increase spending in key areas like security, platform upgrades, and broadening its selection of cloud-based products. The company’s cautious approach to managing the transition while fostering growth in these crucial sectors is demonstrated by the fact that there are only marginally fewer job openings in these areas than there are in the positions affected by the rebalancing.

In general, Cisco’s current layoffs are a part of a larger initiative to strategically reshape the organization, rerouting resources to support employees during this transformative phase while fostering innovation and growth.

Even though the workforce reduction might cause some immediate problems, its ultimate goal is to foster the business’s long-term growth and ongoing success in the rapidly changing technology market.