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Cisco Layoffs Employees Across Business Units in Fresh Round of Job Cuts

Cisco Layoffs Employees Across Business Units in Fresh Round of Job Cuts

Cisco recently implemented a number of job cuts as part of a rebalancing initiative that will affect workers in various business divisions. The company clarified that this rebalancing effort is focused on prioritizing investments in their transformation to better meet and surpass their customer’s expectations in the evolving technology landscape, though the precise number of job cuts has not yet been determined.

Following the announcement, many current and former Cisco employees shared their experiences with internal layoffs that occurred this week on social media.

The following business units are reportedly affected by the layoffs: Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), Cisco Collaboration, Cisco Data Center Services & Solutions, Cisco Experience Centers (CxC), Cisco Security Business Group (SBG), Cisco Servers, and Webex. This information was confirmed by Cisco employees on the anonymous professional forum Blind.

An ex-employee claimed that a senior manager who had attended a meeting with their director informed them that they had been placed on the layoff list. They stated their displeasure with the toxic and oppressive working environment on their team and their lack of interest in staying on. They also expressed stress as a result of the weak job market right now.

Software engineers are reportedly among those impacted by the company’s layoffs, according to another user.

A commenter brought up the fact that several directors based in the US had been fired. Despite the market for data centres having room to grow (as seen with Arista), Cisco is still conducting knowledge-based layoffs.

More than 400 people were affected by the layoffs at Collab China Engineering, according to another commenter, who also made this point.

According to numerous media reports, Cisco carried out a comparable round of layoffs earlier in 2022 that had an impact on their real estate portfolio and about 5% of their workforce. In addition, the business later that year underwent a significant round of layoffs that affected over 4,000 workers as part of its $600 million restructuring plan.