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Delhi government has announced Diwali bonus for MCD employees

Delhi government has announced Diwali bonus for MCD employees

On Tuesday, November 7, 2023, the state government announced a Diwali bonus for employees of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). The government will give a Rs 7,000 bonus to all non-gazetted employees in groups D, C, and B as a Diwali gift.

Employees at MCD are divided into three categories based on their job roles and responsibilities.

Group D employees are often engaged in manual and routine tasks such as clerical work, driving, and cleaning. Group C employees perform more specialised and clerical tasks, such as clerks and junior assistants. Group B employees work in middle-level administrative positions, supervising and assuming greater responsibilities, and include positions such as assistant officers and engineers.

Furthermore, all temporary employees who have been with the civic agency for at least three years will receive a Rs 1,200 bonus. The government also assured MCD employees that they need not worry because they will be paid in full.

The decision reflects the government’s desire to help all employees manage their holiday purchases while also encouraging them to buy candy and new clothing for their children.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi was the prominent civic body in charge of governing and administering the city of Delhi, India, until it was replaced in 2012 by three separate municipal corporations. It has played an important role in urban governance, supervising functions like sanitation, public health, education, and infrastructure development.

The MCD had jurisdiction over various areas of Delhi, which were divided into zones. Its responsibilities included the upkeep of city infrastructure, the management of public services, and the implementation of civic policies to improve the quality of life for Delhi residents.


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