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Deloitte is using AI technology to avoid potential layoffs in the future.

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Deloitte, a consultancy firm, has decided to use artificial intelligence (AI) to evaluate the skills of its current employees. The company plans to help its employees transition from less active areas of the business to roles that are currently in high demand by leveraging AI technology to moderate its hiring growth over time.

The decision to implement AI-driven evaluations comes after the firm’s significant expansion, with the addition of 130,000 new employees this year. However, amidst this hiring surge, Deloitte has issued warnings to thousands of employees in the US and UK about potential redundancies due to the restructuring of certain business areas, prompted by a slowdown in demand.

In a statement to the media, Stevan Rolls, Deloitte’s global chief talent officer, emphasised the need to avoid large swings in hirings and layoffs. He pointed out that companies can be more efficient and effective in finding the right people.

Deloitte’s total headcount is now approaching 460,000 after the recent hiring surge, marking a threefold increase in new hires compared to a decade ago when revenue was approximately half of its current levels.

The firm has already started using generative artificial intelligence to automate repetitive tasks traditionally handled by junior staff. This cutting-edge AI innovation, exemplified by technologies such as ChatGPT, utilises datasets to autonomously produce coherent and contextually relevant sentences or essays in response to queries. It has helped automate tasks such as document preparation and data aggregation for client presentations that were traditionally handled by junior staff.


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