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‘Disburse salaries to employees on time’, says Kerala High Court to KSRTC.

'Disburse salaries to employees on time,' says Kerala High Court to KSRTC.

In the case of regular salary distribution to Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) employees, the Kerala High Court ruled that the KSRTC must pay salaries by the 10th of each month. The court also ordered that the state government provide the necessary assistance to the KSRTC to make this happen.

The High Court’s decisive action aims to alleviate the financial uncertainties that KSRTC employees face and to ensure the timely and consistent payment of their salaries. The court’s order emphasises the importance of consistent and dependable compensation for workers.

The court issued its decision in response to a petition filed by KSRTC employees seeking assurances that their salaries would be paid on time. While addressing the employees’ concerns, the court made it clear that it could not intervene in the government’s demand that KSRTC assume responsibility for its financial obligations. Furthermore, it stated that the suggestion of converting KSRTC into a government department was incorrect.

Despite a salary crisis, KSRTC is preparing to deliver 60 newly procured electric buses to SWIFT. These buses were purchased for urban services as part of the Thiruvananthapuram Municipality’s Smart City project.

Previously, the government announced a Rs 30 crore aid package for KSRTC to help clear pending debts and provide festive bonuses to employees.