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Elon Musk’s X illegally fired employee is suing for office return

Elon Musk's X illegally fired employee is suing for office return

Yao Yue had no idea she’d be fired for speaking out against X’s return-to-work policy. Yue, a principal software engineer at X, filed a lawsuit alleging that Elon Musk’s social-media company fired her for daring to challenge the firm’s return-to-work mandate.

She had attempted to rally coworkers who opposed Musk’s return-to-work policy, as well as other policy changes implemented following Twitter’s (now X) takeover.

The National Labour Relations Board (NLRB) of the United States ruled that X violated the National Labour Relations Act, which states that all employees in the private sector have a fundamental right to demand better working conditions without fear of retaliation.

Among other directives, Musk stated that managers who falsely state that a team member reporting to them is performing exceptionally well or that a certain role is indispensable would face disciplinary action. Musk was adamant about employees being physically present in the office. He had clearly stated at the time that those who do not come to the physical office when they are physically fit to do so may resign immediately. Employees were outraged as a result of this.

Musk made the following statements. Yue allegedly told her coworkers on Twitter not to resign and instead to wait for Musk to fire them. She was fired soon after.


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