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Ex-IndiGo employee arrested for defrauding people with fake job offers with the airline

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Ishu Verma, also known as Rahul Saxena, a former IndiGo employee, has been duping people with false job offers. He conducted online and in-person interviews, and even handed out forged appointment letters.

He would trick unsuspecting victims into paying him in instalments of lakhs of rupees. Many people have paid him in instalments of Rs 50 lakhs. Saxena previously worked for the airline as a body mass index (BMI) officer.

This isn’t the first time an employment scam has been exposed. Job scams are on the rise across the country, particularly online. Several people in Kashmir have been duped into taking part in surveys in exchange for a large sum of money. However, after completing the surveys, they are required to pay a fee in order to receive their wages.

Those looking for remote jobs are the most vulnerable. Scammers gain their victims’ trust by inviting them to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ social-media profiles and even making daily payments directly to their accounts, giving them the impression that they are part of a well-established enterprise. The victims are then added to a Telegram group where scammers set up cryptocurrency trading platforms and push people to invest and complete tasks to grow their funds. Furthermore, by creating fake online wallets, the scammers gain the victims’ trust and make them believe that their money is safe. However, once they have invested a substantial sum, they are unable to recover their funds.

An insurance company employee recently lost over Rs 11 lakh after becoming involved in an online job scam. A part-time job was offered to the victim. It all started when he was asked to rate and review a hotel in Delhi for a fee of Rs 150. He was then added to a Telegram app prepaid task group. The con artists created a bogus website and persuaded him to create an account on it. Two days later, the man was told to transfer Rs 59,000 to begin work on a project.

When he followed the instructions, Rs 82,600 appeared as ‘earnings’ in the account created in his name on the bogus website. However, he was not permitted to withdraw his earnings until he completed additional tasks, resulting in a loss of over Rs 11 lakhs.


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