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Expedia announces new layoffs; to focus on AI app

Expedia has announced new layoffs in order to focus on its AI app.

Expedia Group recently laid off another round of employees, according to an internal message sent by Tript Singh Lamba, the company’s senior vice president. The message, obtained by GeekWire, emphasised the importance of preparing for 2024 and developing the world’s most sought-after AI-powered travel apps. These organisational changes are intended to speed up progress, improve alignment, and streamline operations.

The company has not provided specifics about the layoffs, but it has issued a statement to Skift expressing its commitment to providing exceptional travel experiences to customers in the face of high demand. Some roles were eliminated as part of the process of aligning operations with business transformation, according to the report. However, the company remains confident in its overall strategy and values the contributions of its employees.

GeekWire also reported changes in the company’s executive leadership. Among the changes are the departure of Eric Toyofuku, vice president of research and advocacy, and the appointment of Jonathan Finch, formerly Amazon’s chief technology officer for global insurance, to lead Expedia’s InsurTech business.

This latest round of layoffs follows a July report that detailed limited layoffs in Expedia’s product and technology divisions, as well as in the human resources department. Expedia has consistently laid off employees over the last three years as part of its efforts to consolidate and realign its operations.