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Facebook may demote few middle managers, reorganise teams amid layoff scare

Facebook may demote middle managers

One of Mark Zuckerberg’s top orders of business in Meta’s “year of efficiency” is to flatten the company’s corporate structure, leaving many middle managers expecting demotions.

Zuckerberg said last month that he doesn’t want to see “managers managing managers” and even added that a less managerial hierarchy will make Meta “a more fun place to work.”

Under Zuckerberg’s mandate to flatten the company, a second round of layoffs is expected soon, as Insider first reported.

Changes to Facebook’s corporate structure — the largest segment at Meta with almost 40,000 employees — have been underway since Meta’s first round of layoffs in November. For those at the company who made it through that round of cuts, some further changes are being planned to move managers out of those roles.

A current employee told Insider that, in recent weeks many managers at Facebook had been told they will have their teams taken away. These managers are essentially set to be demoted and become “individual contributors” at Facebook, the same type of role they’ve been overseeing and managing.

“Folks with years of management experience are being told they have to train on a position they haven’t done in years,” the person told Insider. “Worse, it’s putting them in direct competition with the people they were once managing.”


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