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For Work from Home Exemption, Show Medical Certificate – TCS

For Work from Home Exemption, Show Medical Certificate – TCS

According to TOI, An Indian multinational information technology service company, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is seeking medical certificates from employees for exemption from work from office.

In a recent development, a TCS spokeswoman responded to an email when asked about the company’s exemption on medical grounds, “We have been encouraging our employees to return to offices for some days in a week. A significant number of our employees are already doing so. We have always placed associate well-being as a paramount factor and have robust processes to support our associates as required”, the company spokesperson added.

TCS, however, is directing staff members to Doctor confirmation. Employees have been asked in these emails to provide medical data like as diagnosis, treatment, and medical certificate so that a team of medical specialists appointed by TCS can certify and advise on whether work from home is permissible on an case to case basis.

Recently, Tata Consultancy Services announced that it will payout 100% variable pay for 70% of its employees. The company earlier denied any change in its increment policy. It has also been said that there is no salary reduction for any employee.


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