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Former Meta employee shares how she was paid Rs 1.5 crore salary ‘to do nothing’

Former Meta employee shares how she was paid Rs 1.5 crore salary 'to do nothing'

Popular social media giant ‘Meta’ is imposing a series of layoffs. In this background, those who have lost their jobs are sharing their experiences in different ways. Recently, the comments made by a former employee of ‘Meta’ are going viral. She said that she was given a salary of Rs.1.50 crore for not doing any work. She remembered her experience in the company with the videos she made on TikTok.

‘Madeline Machado’, who worked as a recruiter in the ‘Meta’ company from September 2022 to February 2023, made these comments. Meta said that there would be no work in the company. They revealed that they were vacant, especially in the HR recruiting department.

‘After joining the company, my boss came and told me what not to do. It has been suggested that no appointments should be made till Arnella. I was told that it could go on for maybe a year. This is the first thing they say after joining the company. This made me dizzy. Paying 1,90,000 dollars (Rs. 1.50 crores) to stay vacant? Madeline said in the video.

Madeline said that she did not do anything with Arnella. She said that they are as new as those who are in the team with her. ‘The higher authorities expect only one thing from us. We learn well. Practising what is learned. There is nothing more to do. Strangely, there were many meetings every day. It does not mean that there is anything to say about it. There is no other option but no recruitment. Moreover, they used to discuss the recruitment process of other companies. These meetings surprise me. This is the situation of everyone in my team,’ Madeline said in the video.

Madeline remembers that Arnell’s career continued in a similar fashion. After that, she revealed that she thought that somehow we will spend like this for a year. But, she said that what she thought did not happen. She said she lost her job as part of the mass layoffs when she got older. But, she said that there is nothing new to learn with Arnella. She dismissed it as a waste of effort. However, Meta has been praised for having the best onboarding and training sessions.

She said that many people have criticized her since this Tik Tok video went viral. She explained that many people called her lazy and said that she was playing with her career. In this regard, she released another video and clarified her comments on LinkedIn. ‘The video I made is going viral in another way on Tiktok. That is not my intention. As soon as I joined the job, I expected to be offered a job. That’s all we learned with Arnella. Our superiors and colleagues take care of everything,” Madeline clarified on LinkedIn.


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