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Genpact & Microsoft collaborate to Equip the Workforce with AI tools for enterprise innovation

Genpact & Microsoft collaborate to Equip the Workforce with AI tools for enterprise innovation

A cooperative partnership between Genpact and Microsoft, a multinational professional services company committed to achieving transformative results for businesses, has been announced. Through this partnership, Genpact’s skilled workforce can access Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service from anywhere in the world, giving them the ability to use generative AI for their clients and opening up new opportunities.

In order to maximize enterprise efficiencies across a variety of domains, including transition management, global service desk management, and infrastructure management, Genpact has identified a number of ways to use large language models (LLMs). Genpact’s domain experts have been able to create use cases that address the ongoing challenges faced by businesses thanks to the potential benefits of generative AI for increased employee productivity, operational efficiency, and agility.

Genpact’s chief information officer, Vidya Rao, emphasized the generative AI’s limitless potential to spur innovation. With the democratization of access to this technology, including the potent AI tools offered by Microsoft Azure, Genpact is able to maintain a culture of innovation, experimentation, and learning among its large international workforce of more than 115,000 employees. The company’s environment of continuous learning aids clients in making the most of the rapidly changing field of artificial intelligence, and its partnership with Microsoft’s AI tools is poised to transform its method of problem-solving.

The extensive expertise in AI innovation at Genpact is increased by this partnership with Microsoft. They have established themselves as leaders in the integration of AI and advanced analytics thanks to their investments in advanced data analytics, strategic AI acquisitions, cutting-edge technology solutions, and extensive experience with LLMs across numerous industries.

Sangita Singh, Microsoft India’s general manager of IT and ITES, expressed delight in working with Genpact to accelerate the development of new solutions that enable enterprises to strategically leverage generative AI for business value. “Microsoft Azure AI, coupled with Genpact’s industry knowledge, operational expertise, and experience managing processes for Global Fortune companies, creates a powerful combination,” she added.

Genpact will provide comprehensive training programs and resources to help its employees use generative AI tools. Furthermore, the establishment of a generative AI practice on the Genpact Cora platform with a team of data scientists, data engineers, and domain experts will accelerate the development of generative AI capabilities.