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Getir to lay off over 2000 employees   

Getir to lay off over 2000 employees

Getir, the high-speed grocery delivery startup, has announced its intention to reduce its workforce by approximately 2,500 employees due to financial difficulties.The organisation currently employs approximately 23,000 people across five different locations, including couriers, store employees, and office personnel.

The company previously received a $1.8 billion investment from notable supporters such as Tiger Global, Sequoia, and Mubadala. Despite its promising start, the company joined a group of delivery ventures that received significant funding in 2021, only to face difficulties the following year.

Getir recently asked its office-based employees to assist it in closing down its UK warehouses as a drastic cost-cutting measure. Later, it was revealed that the company was having difficulty making payments to its suppliers, which is why it had to resort to such drastic measures.

In the first round of layoffs, the company let go 14% of its workforce in May 2022. In recent months, the company has also conducted a strategic withdrawal from several markets. It ceased operations in Spain and France in June, resulting in a further reduction in headcount. As July came to an end, the company also closed its doors in Italy and Portugal.

Getir remains steadfast in its dedication to catering to its customers in Turkey, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and the US, despite these challenges.

Despite these challenges, Getir remains committed to serving its customers in Turkey, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States.