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Greeks to adopt a six-day workweek, unions are dissatisfied

Greeks to adopt a six-day workweek, unions are dissatisfied

Greek workers will soon have flexible schedules and will work six days per week. The new labour law that introduces the same has received approval from the nation’s Parliament.

Out of the 300 legislators, 158 voted in favour of the law, while the remaining members opposed it.

The law is expected to boost employment generally, help combat unreported work, and provide flexibility. It will allow full-time employees to work a side gig for up to five hours a day in addition to their regular eight hours with their current employer, if they so choose. If workers choose to, they can even work up to 13 hours a day. This translates to 65 hours in a week, or a five-day workweek, or 78 hours in a week, or a six-day workweek. This raises concerns that the six-day workweek will become more prevalent. More so because there are no laws governing the monitoring or inspection of the labour force in the nation.

Employers may now put new hires on probation for up to six months and fire them without pay or notice after the first year, unless the work agreement specifies otherwise.

As per Greek labour law, those who prevent workers from working will be punished. That indicates that those who prevent employees from performing their duties or reporting to work during strikes or protests will be fined or punished. The maximum penalty is $5,349. This causes a fear that strikes and other union-related activities will be criminalised.

On payment of an additional 40% of the daily wage for the sixth workday, employees can be required to work on a Saturday or Sunday.

Employers can now call employees to ask them to report to work 24 hours in advance. Due to the fact that it does not in any way promote breaks or weekends, unions claim that this is nothing more than a watered-down version of the eight-hour workday and five-day workweek.