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How Wipro caught 300 moonlighters?

How Wipro caught 300 moonlighters?

India’s IT services provider company, Wipro has recently laid off 300 employees who were found working with its competitor companies at the same time employment with Wipro.

Rajiv Mehta has shared a tweet saying, “#Wipro employees sacked as they took advantage of work from home and worked parallelly with another company. How #Digital #India has precisely found the culprits is amazing. Kindly read the below article. Fantastic system in place in India.”

In a series of a tweet, he explained how Wipro found that the employees were working with competitor companies. IT professionals in their Work From Home joined other companies who were also in Work From Home mode. Same competency, double delivery. Two different laptops, same WiFi, catering to two different clients – all from the comfort of own home, in own hometown.

“In both networks/ jobs performing exceedingly well – just to avoid suspicion. It was impossible to catch them. *Then who caught them?* The most innocent looking, unassuming, always in the background – Provident Fund Contribution.”

“Govt mandated that PF contribution has to be deposited regularly and its violation was a serious offence. As all aadhar, and PAN numbers are taken by banks to open salary accounts, some are used to deposit PF, and the same is required by companies to do a background check.”

“Systems are so beautifully integrated at the back end that it was next to impossible for these moonlighters to create two identities both financially and demographically. *So the PF runs a daily De-Duplication algorithm to check if someone has paid double accidentally.*”

“*They found out that there are accounts of individuals, where contributors are multiple.* This was reported to companies. This is the power of Digital India working at the grassroots level to weed out corruption.”

“GOI saw this potential years ago and has been incessantly prodding Govt organizations to go digital. Today our UPI and Aadhar technology stack is the most sought-after in the world. In the background, India is integrating all of its islands of excellence.”

“All databases of Govt are moving towards unified integration at a very fast pace. An open architecture where every database talks to others seamlessly without human intervention.”

“We are the only country in the world where delivery of citizen-centric services through technology has matured to a level where it’s become a way of life. #DigitalIndia“. However, the PF authorities have not confirmed this claim.


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