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India needs ‘honest’ culture, warns against moonlighting –

India needs ‘honest’ culture, warns against moonlighting –

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic normalised work from home, several people have now become used to this flexible lifestyle. Instead of a 5 to the 6-day work week, companies are now coming up with 3-day work weeks where employees can work from home the rest of the days, contributing more towards work-life balance. However, Infosys founder Narayana Murthy isn’t a fan of this. Nor is he a fan of moonlighting – secretly having a second job or a side hustle at night in addition to one’s primary job.

At the Asia Economic Dialogue organised by the Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi this week, Narayana Murthy openly voiced his dissatisfaction with the above practices and asked youngsters to not entertain moonlighting, working from home or 3-day work weeks, reported India Today.

“My fervent desire and humble desire to youngsters is please don’t fall into this trap of I will moonlight, I will do work from home, I will come to office three days in a week,” he said.

Having said that, he expressed that he isn’t fully against having a side job. He says that those who want to have a side job must ask permission from their primary company first and not do it against their knowledge.

In addition to that, he expressed that India must have a work culture which is honest and devoid of favouritism. He claimed that only a “small bunch of people work hard” and has the discipline to take the country forward.

“We need to build a culture of quick decision making, quick implementation, hassle-less transactions, honesty in transactions, no favouritism,” he said.


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