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Infosys mandates 5-day work from office for its employees

Infosys mandates 5-day work from office for its employees

Infosys has issued a strict notice to its employees to say that the idea of ​​Work From Home (Work From Home), which was brought without any other means, should be used to some extent, and this will happen if it is overused.

Even when conditions are perfect, the work-from-home ‘concept’ introduced during the Covid-19 Pandemic is keeping most employees from leaving home. But most companies want to end the work-from-home story.

Many tech companies around the world, including Google, have decided to end their work-from-home (WFH) policy. The latest entry to this list is Indian IT giant Infosys.

Infosys has issued a strict mandate for certain employees to return to the office. According to a recent report by DOI, Infosys has advised its employees in the United States and Canada to come to the office and continue their work.

Infosys also said that employees who want to work from home should get special permission. In addition, Infosys has also warned that possible disciplinary action will be taken if anyone fails to follow the company’s new work policy related to remote work.

As mentioned earlier, this warning applies only to over 30,000 Infosys employees in the US and Canada. This means that this new work policy of “returning employees to the office” will not apply to Infosys offices in India.

However, in India, last year Infosys introduced a three-stage plan to gradually bring employees from home to the office. Initially, the employees will be allowed to come to the office twice a week (2 Days Office in a Week) as per their convenience.

The second phase will give employees the option to relocate to another branch office or request a transfer. Finally, Infosys will develop a Hybrid Work Policy based on the feedback received through the previous 2 phases.

It is also worth noting that last February, Narayana Murthy, the co-founder of Infosys, had advised the youth not to insist on working from home. “Please don’t fall into this trap,” he warned.


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