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Infosys to target 50,000 hires by end of FY23

Infosys to target 50,000 hires by end of FY23

Chasing a target of 50,000 hires at the start of FY23, Infosys managed to hire 40,000 in the first half of the year. Its targets for FY23 have not been changed.

Having hired about 6,000 freshers in quarter three of 2022-23, the IT major hopes to fulfil its yearly projection during the year, and has no intention of making any changes to its hiring target.

Its freshers’ pipeline is being trained and reskilled as they wait on the bench. Even while organisations, globally, have been laying off employees and looking at ways to cut costs, Infosys has been hiring and training many freshers through the year.

With a significant bench strength, the Company’s utilisation is around 81.7, which according to the Company is quite low.

The Company plans to invest on its freshers and make them ready for the projects that will come their way.

At the end of December 2022, Infosys had over 3.46 lakh employees, while it had about 3,45,218 at the end of September.

About 39.4 per cent of the total workforce comprises women as compared to 39.3 percent in the previous quarter.

The attrition rate, which was 27.1 per cent in September quarter, dropped to 24.3 in the December quarter. During the same time a year ago, it was about 25.5 per cent.

The revenue of the Company, by geography also looked good. In North America, it grew 10.5 per cent and in Europe it grew 25.3 per cent. India, however, registered a 5.4 per cent drop on-year.


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