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Layoff Continues; 2,900 more to lose jobs

Layoff Continues; 2,900 more to lose jobs

As Covid-19 hit worldwide, many companies have been laying off employees for one or other reasons. Now, Siemens Gamesa plans to layoff.

Siemens Gamesa is laying off nearly 3000 employees as the company plans for this move as it wants to return to a profitability state. However, earlier in the year Reuters had reported that the company was planning on cutting 2,500 jobs. This was about 9% of the company’s overall payroll.

However, currently, the layoffs will not be effecting the employees in India. The company has explained the breakup of layoffs. The company has said that further job cuts are planned in other countries

A statement from the Madrid-listed firm said, “Around 2,900 positions will be impacted globally, particularly in Siemens Gamesa’s major European countries: Denmark (800), Germany (300), Spain (475), and the United Kingdom (50).”

The negotiation period will start at the beginning of next month and the company said, “It will closely collaborate with employee representatives to minimize the impact of this adjustment, prioritizing natural attrition and internal transfers”

Jochen Eickholt, chief executive said, “It is never easy to make such a decision, but now is the time to take decisive and necessary actions to turn the company around and ensure a sustainable future.

“We need to build a stronger and more competitive Siemens Gamesa to secure our position as a key player in the green energy transition”

The companies like Snap, Microsoft, Twitter, TikTok, Meta, and Google have either laid off employees or frozen new hires.

The development of either layoff or hiring slowdown comes after IT companies, crypto exchanges, and financial firms cut out jobs and slow down the hiring process due to slow global economic growth caused by higher interest rates, and rising inflation.

A wind turbine maker, Siemens Gamesa has four listed facilities in the UK with bases in Glasgow, Newcastle, Camberley, and Hull.


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