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Man Wins 365 Days Paid Leave At Company Dinner in China, Internet Recommends Encashing It

Man Wins 365 Days’ Paid Leave At Company Dinner, Internet Recommends Encashing It

We’ve heard of companies giving their employees huge bonuses, cash gifts, and even shopping trips.

One whole year’s worth of paid leave, however, seems too good to be true.

And yet, this was exactly what an employee in China got recently when he won 365 days of paid leave at an annual company dinner.

The video has since gone viral on Douyin, with many users expressing their disbelief and envy.

Man in China wins 365 days of paid leave

A netizen posted footage of the lucky employee receiving his prize to Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

The video starts with him holding up a plaque with the words “365 days of paid leave” written on it in Chinese.

The OP of the video explained that no one in their company had expected the man, who reportedly holds a managerial position, to actually win the prize.

Their boss was shocked as well, and the company is currently discussing with the employee if he’d like to use the paid leave or encash it.

According to The Straits Times (ST), the event took place at the company’s annual dinner and the man won the prize during a lucky draw.

Having not held the event for three years due to the pandemic, the firm wanted to host the lucky draw as a form of stress relief for its employees.

While certainly incredible, this isn’t the first time a year’s worth of paid leave has been a lucky draw prize for employees in China.

Back in January 2022, a sales worker from another firm won the same prize of 365 days’ paid leave, ST reports.

He ultimately encashed part of it before donating the rest to local charities.


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