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Meta to lay off employees at Reality Labs

Meta to lay off employees at Reality Labs

Reality Labs, Meta’s materverse-focused division, will be informed of layoffs today. The plan was revealed on an internal discussion forum by this division that creates custom silicon. Employees will be formally notified shortly.

The exact number of people who will be let go is not yet known. However, the reduction in headcount is expected to have an impact on the development of AR/VR products that are required to access the metaverse.

The Facebook Agile Silicon Team, or FAST, has around 600 members. They create custom chips for Meta devices, giving them a competitive advantage.

Meanwhile, Meta employees have begun to return to work. Employees at the parent company of social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Trends must now report to work three times per week.

Employees were formally notified of this mandate via email from the human resources department early last month, on September 2023. According to reports, the tech titan has informed its employees that failure to comply with this mandate may result in job termination.

Employees who had previously been approved for full-time remote work are not affected by this return-to-office directive.

Meta had taken a firm stance on the return-to-work requirement. Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, stated that employees working in traditional office spaces outperform those working remotely from their homes.


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