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Moonlighting – an ethical issue says TCS HR head

Moonlighting – an ethical issue says TCS HR head

Moonlighting: For the betterment of the employees amid the Corona lockdown, when the IT companies along with other industries announced work from home, the companies did not know that the employees would show the moon to these companies during the day. Employees sitting at home instead of office started working in 2 or more places.

When Moonlighting was noticed by the HR of the companies, there was a ruckus. Many companies in India stood in favour and against it. Meanwhile, the statement of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the country’s largest IT company, has also come to the fore. The company’s HR has warned its more than 6 lakh employees, saying moonlighting is against the company’s rules.

The company’s chief executive officer and managing director Rajesh Gopinathan said that employees are not allowed to work for any other organization under the service contract. Lakkad said that, unlike Wipro, TCS has not taken any action against any employee. He said that TCS has a long-standing commitment towards its employees and also the mutual commitment of the employees towards the company. At the same time, Wipro had recently announced the sacking of over 300 employees as a disciplinary action.


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