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Moonlighting Professionals should leave Karnataka: IT Minister

Moonlighting Professionals should leave Karnataka: IT Minister

According to TOI report, C N Ashwath Narayan – Karnataka‘s minister for IT, electronics & expertise improvement – has stated that paid freelancing post workplace work hours is “literally cheating” and professionals wanting to try this should shift out of the state.

“As a policy and ethically, how can moonlighting be allowed? It is not fair in any way to have moonlighting. That’s not the way forward… It is literally cheating. How can you perform? Is he a superman or what?. . . Does he not have a family?” Narayan was quoted by The Indian Express.

These remarks on moonlighting by the Karnataka minister were reported by the media which created a flutter. Following this, Narayan issued a clarification and said that the ‘headlines were sensationalized’ and his comments were taken out of context by the media.

Narayan cleared up that he did not comment about moonlighting professionals leaving the state. He said some sections of the press have wrongly attributed to him saying moonlighting professionals should leave Karnataka.

“With client sensitivities, confidentiality, and non-compete clauses, moonlighting as a policy cannot be allowed. I did not comment about professionals leaving the state,” the Karnataka minister further wrote in a tweet. 


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