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MSc student offered Rs 50 lakhs p.a. at Google

MSc student offered Rs 50 lakhs p.a. at Google

Harshal Juikar, an MSc student at MIT-World Peace University in Pune, has been offered a yearly salary of Rs 50 lakhs by Google. He received such a lucrative offer despite being a non-engineering student. How? Julikar, on the other hand, deviated from the norm and pursued a course in blockchain technology, which is highly sought after in the tech industry.

Juuikar claims to be “utterly intrigued and spellbound by the immense possibilities of artificial intelligence,” after being “awestruck by the revolutionary AI technology implemented in Japanese rail systems.”

He realised early on, while studying for a BSc in computer science at Mumbai University, that if he wanted to stay relevant, he needed to keep up with the in-demand skills. Being proactive, he upskilled himself through self-learning before enrolling in a blockchain technology course.

Despite the fact that Google’s selection process is notoriously difficult, Juikar breezed through the interview with his positive attitude and enthusiasm for all things new and exciting. It also helped that he had interned at Google, which provided him with valuable experience and the opportunity to work with the best in the industry. He worked as a network administrator for Google in Hyderabad for six months before becoming a junior data scientist in Bengaluru for over a year. The internship also acquainted him with the company’s work culture and provided him with the opportunity to work on data analytics, statistical techniques, problem solving, machine learning, Google cloud computing (GCP), and Linux system administration.