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Nielsen cuts its global workforce by 9%.

Nielsen cuts its global workforce by 9%.

Nielsen has announced a workforce reduction in order to ensure financial stability. Globally, the company will reduce headcount by 9%. For the future, the company intends to invest in areas that promote innovation and advancement in the field of cross-media measurement.

The current round of layoffs will impact the company’s product, sales, insights, engineering, ad-intel, and panel management. According to local US media, 30 people have been laid off from the radio and television industries.

The company has not disclosed the exact number of employees. However, the current layoffs are only affecting lower-level positions.

Nielsen’s US field service team, which is in charge of recruiting potential panellists, will be unaffected by the layoffs for the time being.

Nielsen had a global workforce of 15,000 employees as of December 2021, with 6,200 of them based in the United States, according to a financial filing.

Similarly to the previous round of layoffs, the company has stated that it will provide severance packages and other benefits such as outplacement assistance and continued health insurance coverage to departing employees to ensure a smooth transition during this time.

This is Nielsen’s second significant round of layoffs since its ownership changed hands in October 2022. Evergreen Coast Capital, Brookfield Business Partners, and other equity partners paid $16 billion for the company.