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Samsung to hire 1,000 engineers for its R&D centers in India

Samsung to hire 1,000 engineers for its R&D centers in India

Samsung India is planning to strengthen its workforce by hiring around 1,000 engineers for its R&D institutes. The company wants to recruit engineers across different areas of expertise. These new employees will work at Samsung R&D Institutes in Bangalore, Noida, and Delhi, as well as Samsung Semiconductor Research in Bengaluru next year.

The company revealed that the 1,000 engineers will be tasked to work on and develop a wide variety of technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Image Processing, IoT, Connectivity, Big Data, Cloud technologies, Predictive Analysis, Business Intelligence, Communication Networks, System on a Chip, and Storage Solutions.

Samsung R&D centers will hire around 200 engineers from top IITs this hiring season. The company also offered over 400 Pre Placement Offers to students at IITs and other top institutions in India.

Head of Human Resources at Samsung India, Sameer Wadhawan, said: “Strengthening their focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology, Samsung’s R&D centres aim to hire new talent from India’s top engineering institutes who will work on breakthrough innovations, technologies, products and designs, including India-centric innovations, that enrich people’s lives.”

Samsung’s R&D centres have emerged as the number one patent filers in India. The company has filed over 7,500 patents in India across various segments, from apps and 5G-6G to TVs and multi-camera solutions.


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