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S&P Global unveils enhanced employee benefits with ‘People First 9.0’

S&P Global unveils enhanced employee benefits with 'People First 9.0'

S&P Global has launched “People First 9.0”, the latest iteration of its enhanced global benefits policy across all its markets, including India. The policy impacts more than 12,500 people in India with a commitment to lead with care and empathy and enable the company’s people to thrive at work, at home and in life. The policy embodies a mindset and philosophy that inspires a comprehensive support mechanism for employees and aims to create a culture of belonging and inclusiveness. ‘People First’ prioritized the asks of S&P Global employees to cover a variety of their personal, professional, and social needs.

The ninth version, “People First 9.0” introduces multiple benefits to help people grow, feel engaged and fulfilled. Some of the new policies in “People First 9.0” include:

  • Securing the salary of any S&P Global employee unable to work due to a diagnosis of cancer or other chronic disease or serious illness for up to one year, so they can stay focused on their treatment and recovery
  • Nursing Parents support including milk shipping in case of business travel; hospital grade Medela pump in every office location
  • Menopause support- temperature-controlled rooms, flexible working, and unlimited paid leaves for managing menopausal symptoms
  • Avoiding Friday meetings out of respect for global time zones and people’s schedules
  • Continuing its five additional Annual Wellness Days off above the existing leave policy
  • Continued learning and digital tool adoption for growth and development including a Global Education Support program for current and past employees with Cornell and Emeritus
  • Flexible and Hybrid working across all offices in India and globally

Speaking on the rollout, Dimitra Manis, Chief Purpose Officer of S&P Global, said, “Our people are at the foundation of our business. They make S&P Global the innovative and forward-thinking place it is. Leading with compassion enriches the lives of our people and their communities, and in turn, enables our people to perform with a growth mindset and customer-centric approach. Our People First ethos is also inherent in our values of Discovery, Partnership, and Integrity; and personifying these values is core to how we accelerate progress.”

Nilam Patel, Head- India Operations at S&P Global added, “India caters to over 35 per cent of the S&P Global workforce worldwide. Our People First philosophy gives us a chance to understand the needs of our people and build an environment that gives them a chance to thrive and belong. We are committed to inspiring our people to learn and build teams that help foster trust and belonging. This is our chance to give back to our employees and build a positive working environment that helps people bring their true selves to work.”


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