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Tata CEO prepares employees for disruption in 2024: execution and AI are critical in the face of volatility

Tata CEO prepares employees for disruption in 2024: execution and AI are critical in the face of volatility

Natarajan Chandrasekaran, chairman of Tata Sons, paints a cautious picture for the company in 2024, urging employees to brace themselves for increased volatility caused by evolving data privacy regulations, geopolitical tensions, and global policy shifts. He outlined three key priorities for the group in his year-end message: embracing technological leadership, prioritising customer satisfaction, and ensuring flawless execution.

While recognising the group’s outstanding performance in 2023, with a 32% increase in market capitalisation compared to the Sensex’s 17% increase, Chandrasekaran warned against complacency. He emphasised the looming “complexity of global governance” as nations grapple with data privacy, inflation, and the threat of artificial intelligence. Geopolitical unrest, exacerbated by a year of global elections, adds to the uncertainty.

Shaping the tech landscape, not just adapting: Chandrasekaran emphasised the importance of going beyond mere technology adoption and instead proactively shaping and driving technological advancements. He urged each company to appoint a ‘AI champion’ in order to realise the economic, operational, and social benefits of artificial intelligence. This emphasis on AI leadership is consistent with the group’s larger transformation strategy, which Chandrasekaran praised for its progress in 2023. He noted that the combined market capitalisation of Tata companies outperformed the broader market, emphasising the success of the simplification, synergy, and scale-focused strategy.

Customer empathy: A cornerstone of brand Tata: Chandrasekaran emphasised the importance of customer empathy as the group expands its consumer footprint. He advocated for instilling empathy in all interactions, from Air India flights to Tata Motors showrooms to Titan stores, in order to strengthen the brand Tata’s recognition across diverse businesses. This emphasis on customer-centricity is consistent with the company’s ongoing efforts to improve brand perception and connect with customers on a deeper level.

Execution flawlessness: Striving for Lunar Mission-Style Precision: Chandrasekaran was inspired by high-performance examples such as India’s lunar mission and World Cup cricket campaign, and he urged group companies to replicate their flawless execution and speed. This emphasis on operational excellence highlights the importance of efficient processes and effective project management in navigating the anticipated disruptions in 2024.

Navigating the storm: Data privacy, geopolitics, and policy shifts:  While recognising the group’s strong performance in 2023, Chandrasekaran issued a warning for the coming year. He foresaw increased volatility as a result of evolving data privacy regulations, geopolitical tensions, and potential policy shifts related to inflation, carbon emissions, and AI risk. He also mentioned that the year 2024 will be marked by numerous elections, which will increase the risk of global instability.

The message from Chandrasekaran presents a balanced view of the future, acknowledging both the group’s successes and the looming challenges. Tata intends to navigate the volatile landscape of 2024 and emerge stronger by focusing on technology leadership, customer empathy, and operational excellence.


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