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Tata Motors to equip 50% of its workforce with new-age auto tech capabilities in five years

Tata Motors to equip 50% of its workforce with new-age auto tech capabilities in five years

Tata Motors, an Indian automaker, is doing its part to create a workforce that is prepared for the future and has the skills necessary for using electric vehicles (EVs) and other cutting-edge technologies by putting a focus on capacity building. Within five years, the company will provide new-age auto tech skills to 50% of its workforce.

The company disclosed that its employees had put in over 3,40,000 hours of specialised training and development during a media briefing today.

There will be a variety of delivery methods for the training.

In order to meet the necessary developmental needs of everyone, including shopfloor technicians, line engineers and plant management, the company has carefully selected training modules. These modules deliver functional skills, managerial and leadership abilities, as well as pertinent technical skills. Additionally, a dedicated programme that includes self-awareness, digital awareness, sustainability awareness, and industry 4.0 awareness is added to each function-specific curriculum of these training modules.

It has put together a higher education programme just for shopfloor technicians at the technician level. They will be able to pursue a “Diploma in Engineering” through the programme, with a focus on mechatronics, auto electrical and electronics, and specialised welding techniques. Additionally, it will give the staff the training they need to advance and meet the changing demands of the automotive industry.

A certification in Connected, Electric, Shared and Safe (CESS) is offered to Tata Motors employees through partnerships with a number of its technology partners, including ARAI, Bosch, Mathworks, SAE and Tata Technologies. The staff members will work on advanced ADAS, battery technology, V2X connectivity, blockchain, cybersecurity, big data analytics, and other topics in a variety of domain expert-level modules.

Additionally, the business has developed sponsored programmes in collaboration with a number of universities, such as BITS Pilani, MIT-ADT University Pune, Institute of Technology Nirma University, Symbiosis International (Deemed Universities), Ganpat University, DY Patil International University, Oxford Polytechnic, ARKA Jain University, and Amity University, with the goal of giving employees access to higher education opportunities, such as executive MBA and BTech and MTech degrees. These specialised programmes will give the employees the chance to advance their professional, technical, and leadership skills necessary to succeed and take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.

The business has also designed useful e-learning and virtual classrooms for each employee to make learning even easier.

Tata Motors has a premier full-time “Apprenticeship Programme” that targets the new generation of talented, flexible, and technologically savvy professionals in an effort to expand its talent pool. In order to prepare students for promising careers in the automotive industry, this programme places a strong emphasis on developing in-demand skills like mechatronics, IoT, robotics, and AI.

In accordance with this programme, the business provides training to students who have completed ITI or the 12th grade using a cutting-edge “Learn & Earn” model. Apprentices are well-prepared to secure positions within the automotive industry and its supporting ecosystem after successfully completing the programme, facilitating a smooth transition from education to employment.

Currently, over 13,000 students are enrolled in the programme actively, and more than 88 percent of graduates secure jobs thanks to the company’s channel partners.

Additionally, the business has partnered with Ganpat University in Gujarat to offer its staff opportunities to improve their skills at the Ford India facility in Sanand. The building was purchased by the company in January 2023.

There, cutting-edge manufacturing technologies like Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, advanced control engineering, and advanced manufacturing systems and processes are covered in specially designed training programmes. Modern automotive systems like ADAS, connected cars, CESS, and control cystems are also covered in the training.

These programmes are offered at various levels, including postgraduate (MTech), graduate (BTech), and diploma programmes. They combine classroom instruction with hands-on training. Since the program’s debut in February 2023, the company has had over 820 active participants engaged in the training.

Sitaram Kandi, vice president of human resources for passenger cars and electric vehicles, said of upskilling staff members and the extensive learning programmes, “Tata Motors has evolved into a learning organisation with a structured and thoughtful approach to upskilling. We are able to create and nurture a skilled, future-ready workforce that is equipped to succeed thanks to partnerships with tech companies and academic institutions, specialised training programmes, a national “learn and earn” apprenticeship programme, and a laser-like focus on diversity and inclusion. We are doing this for the Indian auto industry as a whole as well as its supporting ecosystem, not just for ourselves and our channel partners.


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