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Tata Technologies launches InnoVent: To Empower Young Engineering Students

Tata Technologies launches InnoVent: To Empower Young Engineering Students

Tata Technologies has introduced InnoVent to provide a stage for emerging engineering talent to demonstrate their creativity. The platform is intended to not only empower young Indian engineering students, but also to assist them in coming up with creative solutions to the problems facing the manufacturing sector.

Engineering students in their third and fourth years are invited to take part in a competition and demonstrate their level of innovation. The competition covers a wide range of topics, including smart manufacturing, the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, data and artificial intelligence (AI) engineering, electric and autonomous vehicles, and cybersecurity. Additionally, the students will be requested to suggest creative projects that address contemporary issues.

The projects or project teams chosen during the competition will be provided with the necessary innovation tools and technologies, and the top-performing team(s) will receive mentoring and guidance from subject matter experts (SMEs). Additionally, these initiatives will be assessed based on their novelty, diversity, viability, and impact, with a particular emphasis on promoting participation from female engineers and team members with special skills.

The top three winning teams in the competition will have the chance to receive a combined cash prize of INR 4.5 lacs and a paid internship with Tata Technologies.

Warren Harris, MD director and CEO of Tata Technologies, commented on the introduction of InnoVent and stated his opinion that the platform embodies their commitment to creating a better world for the younger generation. Additionally, he described how the program’s real-world challenges have been identified by the company and how he expects to receive applications for creative projects that Tata Technologies can mentor and support throughout the development process.

In addition, Santosh Singh, executive vice president and global head of marketing and business excellence, Tata Technologies, responded to the introduction of InnoVent by stating that Tata Technologies’ goal with InnoVent is to establish a platform that encourages young engineering students in India to suggest innovative solutions using cutting-edge technology to overcome challenges faced by the manufacturing sector. The shortlisted team(s) will receive mentoring and support from the company, and those who demonstrate a can-do attitude and present original, scalable innovations will be honored. Singh particularly anticipates the involvement of female innovators and team members with unique abilities.