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TCS employees to work from office all 5 days a week beginning October 1

TCS employees to work from office all days beginning October 1

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has stopped allowing its employees to work from home. It has also put an end to the hybrid work model by requiring employees to work from the office five days a week beginning October 1, 2023.

According to media reports, those who previously came in three times a week will now have to come in five times a week. There is no option in the matter.

TCS issued a warning to its employees earlier this year to comply with the company’s work-from-office policy, in addition to asking them to work in the office three days a week. It made it clear that if they did not follow the rules, they would face severe consequences.

Employees who disobeyed the company’s work-from-home policy received memos from the IT department. It had mandated that employees work from the office for a minimum of 12 days per month. Employees were warned in the memo that if they did not comply with the office attendance roster, disciplinary action would be taken against them.

The action clearly demonstrated TCS’s commitment to enforcing the policy and maintaining a structured work environment for nearly four months.

It now requires all of its associates to be physically present in the office for work five days a week.

It remains to be seen whether employees will happily accept the five-day work-from-home mandate. Many professionals believe that returning to work will result in attrition, traffic jams, and other commuting issues. TCS, on the other hand, has always maintained that personal face-to-face interaction is required for employee engagement.


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