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TCS makes changes as a consequence of the bribery-for-jobs scandal and appoints a new leader.

TCS makes changes as a consequence of the bribery-for-jobs scandal and appoints a new leader.

The largest IT services provider in India, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Ltd., recently named Sivakumar Viswanathan as the new leader of their Resource Management Group (RMG), which is in charge of managing temporary employee hiring. This choice was made in the midst of an internal investigation into the bribes-for-jobs scandal, which resulted in the firing of several executives and the blacklisting of some staffing agencies. These accusations were first made public by a whistleblower who complained about unethical hiring procedures at TCS.

TCS quickly acted in response to the accusations by setting up a panel to look into them. They fired four executives from the recruitment group and put RMG’s global leader, ES Chakravarthy, on leave. Three staffing companies were also put on the blacklist as a result of their involvement in the scandal. TCS has taken the situation head-on, taken the accusations seriously, and shown a commitment to upholding ethical standards within the company.

ES Chakravarthy has been replaced as the leader of RMG by Sivakumar Viswanathan. Viswanathan joined TCS in August 1993, so he has a long history with the organisation. He is regarded as K. Krithivasan’s trusted lieutenant due to his nearly 30-year tenure at TCS. Viswanathan, who is based in Chennai, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new position, and his appointment demonstrates TCS’s confidence in his capacity to effectively lead the RMG.

TCS has conducted its own investigation into the allegations, even though they haven’t fully endorsed the whistleblower’s claims. In a recent statement, the company claimed that it had not discovered any proof of fraud against it or any material financial impact. TCS, however, has intervened and fired 15 workers from the RMG divisions in the US, Canada, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. In order to ensure adherence to moral standards, they are also carefully inspecting each staffing company they work with.

The scandal’s alleged commissions are said to be worth at least 100 crore rupees. TCS’s prompt response and dedication to resolving the problem show their commitment to upholding an honest and moral workplace. TCS seeks to maintain the confidence of its customers, shareholders, and employees by acting decisively and bringing about the necessary changes in order to maintain its reputation as a top provider of IT services.

In conclusion, TCS’s choice of Sivakumar Viswanathan to lead RMG and their quick action in the wake of the bribery scandal demonstrate their dedication to moral behaviour. TCS is actively working to protect its reputation and guarantee the integrity of its hiring procedures as they look into the claims and take appropriate action. TCS works to uphold its standing as an admired and dependable leader in the IT sector through these actions.


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