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TCS ties salary raises and promotions to the return-to-office mandate.

TCS ties salary raises and promotions to the return-to-office mandate.

India’s leading IT service provider, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), has decided to link pay hikes, promotions, and variable payouts to its recent return-to-office mandate. This policy will be effective from October 2023 and requires most employees to work from their designated offices for five days a week, ending the work-from-home option for many.

TCS has made it clear that following the return-to-office policy will play a significant role in determining employee performance, promotion eligibility, and pay raises. This applies not only to experienced employees but also to freshers who have completed their assigned courses and are eligible for higher salaries beyond their standard Rs 3 lakh annual compensation. Unit heads have been instructed to base performance evaluations and subsequent grading, crucial for promotions, on an employee’s track record of physical office presence.

This move aligns with the growing trend in the Indian IT sector, with Infosys and Wipro also implementing mandatory hybrid work models that require employees to be physically present in the office for at least three days per week. While some employees are willing to forego city allowances for increased flexibility, others remain apprehensive about the shift away from remote work arrangements.

The company believes that the return-to-office policy is crucial for fostering collaboration, innovation, and team spirit. However, the move has sparked concerns about employee well-being, work-life balance, and the potential for increased commuting costs.

The long-term impact of this policy shift on employee morale, productivity, and retention remains to be seen. While TCS emphasizes the benefits of in-person collaboration, balancing these with employee preferences and concerns will be critical in navigating this evolving work landscape.


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