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Tetley has announced a 7% pay increase for its employees.

Tetley has announced a 7% pay increase for its employees.

Approximately 200 employees at Tata Consumer Products, the manufacturer of Tetley products for Canada and the United Kingdom, have agreed to a 7% pay increase. These employees are based in Teesside, North East England. The employees are officially affiliated with the GMB trade union, a general trade union in the United Kingdom. The rise will take effect on April 1, 2023.

Tetley’s female-dominated workforce enjoys a minimum of 35 days of annual leave, as well as an annual bonus plan based on company performance. In addition, they have access to a defined contribution pension scheme with employer contributions of 10% and employee contributions of 6%. All locations provide the convenience of complimentary on-site parking. Employees can also take advantage of an employee assistance programme and a special employee discount programme.

Tetley employees began voting earlier this year for potential strike action due to a pay dispute. In a recent vote earlier this month, 88% of participants rejected a prior pay agreement and voted in favour of a strike. However, no specific dates for the strike were provided at the time.

Members of the GMB trade union face difficulties in providing for their families. As a result, they were simply seeking fair compensation for their professional contributions. Their standard of living had deteriorated over time, and the union believes that Tata has the ability to improve the situation for the workers and their families. Such actions would also play an important role in ensuring the future availability of well-paying jobs in the Teesside region.