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Twitter Acquires Laskie – Job Search Platform Startup

Twitter Acquires Laskie - Job Search Platform Startup

Elon Musk’s plans to transform Twitter into an ‘everything app’ are slowly taking shape, with Twitter (or more specifically, parent company X Corp) acquiring job-matching start-up Laskie for an undisclosed sum.

As reported by Axios, Laskie, which describes itself as ’a job-matching platform where tech jobs apply to candidates’, enables hiring managers to connect with eligible tech industry candidates to fill open positions.

Twitter has reportedly made a cash and stock offer for the company, seemingly seeing Laskie’s platform integrated into Twitter, as Musk and Co. look to branch out into more areas and build on Twitter’s offering in new ways.

Twitter, which also just hired a new CEO, is still looking to establish a definitive path forward under Musk’s ownership, with Musk spending the majority of his time in his initial months at the app focused on cutting costs, in order to get the company back on firm financial footing. Musk has also implemented some quick-hitting revenue strategies, like selling verification ticks, though none of his early initiatives seems to have made any significant impact in the broader scheme.

The next phase, then, will involve re-building Twitter in a new image, which will seemingly include a more significant focus on video content, and original programming from big names, while also providing more opportunities for creators, and eventually, more kinds of tools and options to facilitate expanded usage.

Which could also include job listing elements, veering into the LinkedIn territory. And maybe, dating?

Musk’s ambitious ‘everything app’ plan refers to his longstanding concept of a social platform that would also facilitate simple, in-stream payments, and then incorporate additional functionalities from there.

The concept mirrors how messaging platforms like WeChat have become essential utilities in China, used for every kind of transaction and interaction that you can imagine – though thus far, no Western social media app has been able to get similar type usage trends off the ground, despite various efforts.


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