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Unity Software – video game software is laying off 265 employees 3.8% of its global workforce

Unity Software to layoff 600 employees - hrtalk

Unity Software has announced that it will cut 265 jobs as part of a strategic reorganisation, accounting for 3.8% of its global workforce. The company is making changes and terminating an agreement with a digital video-effects company co-founded by the Lord of the Rings director.

Unity Technologies’ Unity Software is a cross-platform game engine. It first appeared for Mac OS X in June 2005 and has since expanded to support desktop, mobile, console, and virtual-reality platforms.

Following a difficult period, the San Francisco-based company, known for its widely used software toolkit by video game developers, including the creators of the popular ‘Pokemon Go’ mobile game, decided to implement a new pricing policy known as a ‘runtime fee’ in September.

Unity announced plans to terminate the professional services portion of its agreement with Weta FX, a visual-effects company associated with director Peter Jackson, on November 28, 2023. This change will result in the layoff of 265 employees. Unity, which employs approximately 7,000 people, plans to close offices in 14 cities, including Berlin and Singapore, and reduce office space in cities such as San Francisco and Bellevue, Washington.

The company also plans to change its office attendance policy, reducing full in-office services to three days per week in most locations and eliminating the previous three-day office presence requirement.

Unity’s CEO stated that ongoing changes are being made to streamline the company’s focus, implying a reduction in overall operations.


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