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Virgin Media O2 to cut 10% of the workforce

Virgin Media O2 to cut 10% of the workforce

Virgin Media O2, a British mobile operator company, has announced a reduction in its workforce as part of earlier organizational changes. Before year’s end, the company plans to fire 2,000 employees.

According to media reports, the layoffs will affect 10% of the company’s workforce. This job reduction is intended to improve customer service as part of the company’s effort to streamline its operating model. According to reports, the telecom company started giving some employees redundancy notices on Monday night.

The company has emphasized their dedication to assisting all impacted employees during such trying times. The business has recently begun working in conjunction with other employee welfare communities and internal employee representatives to ensure clarity and security for the workers’ future.

In 2020, Liberty Group and Telefonica established a joint venture to create Virgin Media O2. Investors were informed by Philip Jansen, chief executive of Virgin Media O2, that about 10,000 jobs would be replaced by AI.

Ofcom recently opened an investigation into the business as a result of complaints from customers who had trouble cancelling services. Additionally, Liberty Group, which owns 5% of Vodafone, intends to cut 11,000 jobs globally over the course of three years, which will result in a $1.6 billion reduction in free cash flow annually.