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Wakefit launches ‘no questions asked’ leave policy

Wakefit launches ‘no questions asked’ leave policy

Wakefit has announced its ‘No Questions Asked’ Wellness Leave Policy for its employees. 

According to the policy, The company will extend a no-questions-asked leave to all employees once a month. The company employees can also utilize their wellness leaves to opt for leisurely activities.

Commenting on the wellness benefits the company said, “After much deliberation with our Chief Sleep Officer, Kumbhkaran, we are excited to announce the launch of a ‘No Questions Asked – Wellness Leave Policy’ at Wakefit! Here’s to making Wakefit a place where happy and motivated faces are abundant!”.

Employee well-being has always been a pillar of our workplace culture. With the introduction of this policy, Wakefiters can take a day off to focus purely on themselves, and their mental and physical wellness, no questions asked.

Speaking about the policy, Umanath Nayak, Head of HR, at Wakefit said, “At Wakefit.co, our goal has been to create a culture that values creativity and collaboration while empowering the holistic well-being of our employees. Our Employee Wellness Leave Policy has been designed with the need to uphold this ethos and continue building a space that gives our employees the freedom to be, the ability to grow and reach their fullest potential. With this policy, we hope to encourage our employees to unwind, focus on their health, and spend time with their loved ones by taking their wellness leave with no questions asked”.

The Employee Wellness Leave Policy will be a cornerstone in helping their employees build on their overall well-being while prioritizing their intangible needs. This policy aligns with the company’s endeavour to integrate occupational wellness at the core of its organizational fabric.


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