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Wipro tightens up vendor performance checks following the TCS scam

Wipro may skip salary increments for top performers who receive higher compensation

Wipro has tightened its hiring procedures in response to the recent incident where Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) terminated six employees and blacklisted six staffing firms over alleged shortcomings in contract staffing. The organization has improved its oversight and monitoring of contract hiring procedures, making vendor management more organized.

The company’s main attention is on the executives in the resource management and procurement groups who will be crucial to the process. Every three to four years, they will be swapped out for different teams and even locations while still working with contract staffing companies.

Wipro’s chief human resources officer, Saurabh Govil, discussed how the business regularly evaluates its vendors and intends to intensify the process in an interview with a financial daily.

The business also has a team dedicated to managing employee risk that regularly assesses procedures in high-risk fields like hiring, facility management, and procurement. To find any potential leaks or gaps, they map out these processes in great detail. The company currently has three levels of checks and balances: the functional level, the employee risk management (ERM) team, and conducting internal audits.

Additionally, in regards to the business’s current hiring plans, Govil predicts a slow hiring environment for a while. Additionally, he mentioned that Wipro is still working on hiring all of the campus recruits who received job offers for 2022.

These are the members of the class of 2022 who have received job offers but have not yet started. Many of them have chosen to pursue other opportunities in place of waiting as time has passed. However, Wipro is actively continuing its interaction with these people.

Additionally, Govil notes that the current macro environment presents a challenge in predicting an exact date for onboarding for Wipro as well as the entire industry. The company is’reviewing’ its campus hiring plans for the 2024 batch at this time and is not currently onboarding freshmen.