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Zoom asks employees to come to office twice a week.

Zoom asks employees to come to office twice a week

Zoom Video Communications, a company known for allowing employees to work from home during the pandemic, is now requesting that its employees return to the office. Zoom CEO Eric Yuan stated in a message that the company wants to focus more on in-person collaboration.

Zoom is experimenting with a new way of working known as the hybrid approach to accomplish this. This means that employees who live nearby should come to work in person at least two days per week. They can work from home the rest of the time.

The company believes that having everyone in the office together will help people work better as a team and generate new ideas. It intends to use its own technology and remain innovative while serving customers all over the world.

Many people used Zoom to hold video meetings and work from home during the pandemic. For a long time, the company was in high demand, but as more businesses return to physical workspaces, the company’s value has plummeted dramatically.

As a result, the e-meet company has made some changes to how it operates. Earlier this year, it fired its president and laid off 1,300 employees.

Zoom has offices in Denver, Colorado and San Jose, California. It also has international offices.

This is a significant change for Zoom, which employs over 8,400 people worldwide. It demonstrates that the company is attempting to adapt to the new world following the pandemic and is seeking new ways to succeed.