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Google fires 28 employees due to protests in Israel

Google fires 28 employees due to protests in Israel

Google has terminated 28 employees who participated in protests against the company’s collaboration with Israel. The protests took place at Google offices in California and New York and were related to Project Nimbus, a $1.2 billion contract between Google and Amazon to provide services to the Israeli government.

The employees who occupied Google’s offices in Sunnyvale, California and New York City were found to be in violation of company policies, which led to their termination. The sit-ins disrupted regular operations, prompting Google to take action.

Google emphasized that obstructing coworkers’ work and impeding access to company facilities were clear violations of company policy. During the protests, nine workers were arrested after they refused to leave the premises, with five arrests in Sunnyvale and four in New York. However, charges were yet to be filed, according to the district attorney’s office in Santa Clara County.

The company described the protests as “extremely disruptive” and emphasized that they had made coworkers feel threatened. Despite the disruptions caused by the protests, Google stated that it would thoroughly investigate the matter and take necessary action.

With a workforce of 182,502 employees as of December 31st, the termination of 28 employees marks a significant development within the tech giant. The incident underscores the challenges companies face when internal protests clash with business operations and partnerships.